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Install went smoothly and painless. It then downloaded the update files and I was ready to go. Understand the issue with scratch off to see the serial number — it is no different than any scratch off — I had no issues and understand the security concerns that require them to do it. It also protects the customer.

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The password is not a big deal and they only recommend to change every 90 days. However, they should allow people to opt out if they want to — if they understand the risks. QuickBooks has what you need to boost your workflow The easiest and most productive QuickBooks, ever…. Get real-time visibility of invoice statuses to expedite collections and stay on top of your cash flow. Transfer customer credits across jobs, quickly and easily. Easily keep track of what you owe suppliers, from check to bill pay. Save a lot of time and effort by upgrading to the latest version with just a few clicks!

With the enhanced IIF import, you are sure your imported data is accurate. Get your work done significantly faster with windows open across multiple monitors. Merge vendors by consolidating multiple vendors into one. Ensure you select 12 months i. Save effortlessly with paperless coupons!

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    Click through to shop. Start Your Free Day Trial! Top Categories View All. Check out our 15 QuickBooks promotional codes including 15 sales. Share QuickBooks Coupons. Additional offers and coupon codes for your QuickBooks purchase may be found at Coupons. Read More. Online or desktop pro? I would appreciate some advice from you experts please.

    I have Quickbooks v7. Australian version Ive always used it started in the year Still works even today even though its very limited. I actually wanted to upgrade to a later software version of Quickbooks but Ive been told its nearly impossible to do. I need to start thinking about having a piece of software that can download my online bank account info. Can one of you experts give me some insight on what the process is to upgrade Quickbooks to a more modern version.

    Thanks heaps. You should be able to upgrade to no matter which version you are currently using. Make sure your company file is saved and backed up securely before then in case of any complications, but you should be able to follow these steps to upgrade your QuickBooks software.

    I have been running Quick books for 15 years and I am currently still using the version for my small business, but I just bought a new computer and want to install an updated version of QB. Will my knowledge of the old versions allow me to operate the new version without climbing a steep learning curve? Can my old accounts be transferred? I prefer to load the system rather than on-line. Great question! You should be able to transfer your accounts and data to the new version of QuickBooks without a problem.

    In your updated review you should include comparisions of sales tax features.

    Why You Should Use Purchase Orders in QuickBooks

    Multi-jurisdictional sales tax reporting requirements are better met by QBD, despite the new sales tax feature upgrade in QBO. Realize you will never again be able to access that historical data without a QBO platform. A real issue if you get selected for a tax audit. This is a great article and very helpful. I would love to see an analysis now that Quickbooks Online has raised its pricing. I just run a small business. In my opinion the user interface and flexibility of QBD is far superior. I suspect there must have been valid programming reasons for not just adapting the desktop version for online use.

    The ONLY real advantage to the On-line version I can see is the ability to review and work while traveling, and the ability to grant permission to an off-site accountant to have access to the information. To new users have at it, QBO should be fine and you will make the program your friend. I need to figure out how and when I can find the time and travel back to the desktop version. Next biggest issue is inability to delete accounts with no activity. As an accounting consultant, cleaning up data and editing a botched up chart of accounts is not an easy task in QBO.

    Good Luck! Perhaps you can broaden the horizon for me aswell. I have recently started a business. I do about k a year in sales and started and finished my first year with QB online. I am hiring a new bookeeper to minimize my workload. She is adamant on switching me to QB desktop. After reading this article and all the comments I see that QBD is the choice for accountants clearly.

    But how does one function without seeing their reports often? I also use my QBO for accounts receivable to process and send my invoices. With the Desktop version how would I do this if only my accountant has access. Can you clarify or can other viewers mention how exactly they go about doing business without the ability to know their financials on the fly. What would be a suggestion? Am I being to anal always wanting to see my financials. Am i the minority here?

    Why would an owner see a benefit in QBD if they werent using it themselves with constant access? However a year in and it has gotten super easy to navigate.

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    Good luck to you! Looked at moving to QBO from an older desktop version and got as far as looking at the invoice templates. Are they joking? A real step backwards from the desktop version. Im opening a new business and closing down an existing. Can the QBO import the customer list and contacts only from QBD to start fresh as far as invoicing and checking accounts go? Thank you. To do this, go to your Customer Center and click the Excel button on the top of the screen.

    Export your customer list to an excel file. Follow these instructions for importing contacts into QuickBooks Online. Repeat the same process for vendors and employees. I hope that answers your question! Let us know if you need any other help. Best wishes, -Chelsea Krause. QuickBooks online is horrific. We have clients and I have a contest every year to see who can take the most clients off of QBO and put them on desktop with a large bonus.

    I will do the conversion for free. We only have one client left on that awful thing and we will move them off in December to start fresh in January. Super easy and worth it. I think this review is vary biased towards QBO and misses a lot of issues with the software.

    If your starting fresh with a new business it may work well for you, If your an existing QBD user the data is not imported completely, so be very careful and verify your data by running reports in each and comparing them.

    QuickBooks Pro - Accounting Software

    Thanks for reaching out! Here is a quick video that explains how to print checks using QuickBooks Online. Can you send me the same information you sent to them? Everything should transfer over easily. There are no complaints that I can find on the web about the transfer itself. Most people say this process is smooth. QuickBooks Online also provides you a specialist who will help make sure the transfer goes smoothly. In terms of features, here are the things you will be losing by switching to QuickBooks Online:. But personally, I like the look of the QuickBooks Online templates much more.

    The time-tracking feature and inventory feature are both limited to the Plus plan of QuickBooks online. The time-tracking feature and project feature are also fairly limited with QuickBooks Online, which is something worth considering. There are a few complaints about people who switched over to QuickBooks Online and then when back to QuickBooks Pro because there are more features. I also recommend using the QuickBooks Online free trial, just to see if you like the feel and organization of QuickBooks Online.

    Personally I dont think any one that has used both would give QBO the win. We tried it for one of our businesses as we collect money in the field. Wethought it would make life easier, but it did not. Run some simple reports like profit and lose after you import your data to QBO in both and you will get completely different numbers!

    That is unacceptable! QBO support told me that I had just imported the data wrong and they did it and the results were the same.