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That was also abused by printing more than one, photocopying etc. Your time is worth money as well.

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Over the past year our coupon binder sits on the top shelf of our front hallway closet collecting dust and still has coupons from the end of in them. If you use coupons you will also notice now that stores are using automated coupon dispensers that give out one coupon at time to stop people from taking entire coupon pads.

Grabbing a few coupons is the norm but wanting 20 or 30 or more is not something they want each customer to take. Fast Forward into to be bombarded with coupon apps which are taking Canada by storm. You can get new cash back deals every week with Checkout Everyone was intrigued by this new coupon app but only those that had the mobile phone to go along with using the app. The great thing about coupon apps is you can pair paper coupons with the coupon app deals like double-dipping in the money pot. Coupon apps are apps that you can load on your smartphone free from ITunes or Google Apps.

The coupon apps from what we can see are pretty much the same and becoming very competitive. What happens is each week the coupon app sends you a list of grocery savings that you can capture simply by purchasing the said product and uploading a copy of your receipt to the coupon app. Here are some great places you can find Canadian Coupons!

These are your latest Checkout 51 offers which you can use to help save money. Related: Are coupon apps taking over the paper coupons? Sign up for the Nielsen Canada Home Scan Program and you can earn rewards points fast to redeem for awesome products or gift cards. I did this in the UK and loved it!! When I started couponing I started getting coupons for the products I already used in my house.

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When I realized that there were so many other products out there that coupons allowed you to get freebies with I started collecting all I could. Collecting coupons and filing them in my binder just got too time consuming so I started trying to be a little more selective in the coupons I picked up or ordered online. I also started trading less. I have also found over the last few years with couponing being so popular that a lot of the high value coupons have disappeared due to either misuse or the company realizing they were giving too much product away for free or cheap.

Grocery apps started coming out within the last year and they are ever so popular. There is also another new coupon apps site called Coupgon. I have downloaded all the aforementioned coupon apps and enjoy using them all. I know some people go crazy with the coupon apps and have earned tons of cash rebates. I have always just used the coupon apps for items I already planned on purchasing or for making items I regularly purchase with coupons even cheaper or free.

For me these coupon apps along with couponing allow me to really stretch out my grocery budget as well as donate items to charity when great deals come along.

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For some it might be more convenient to use coupon apps so they can use it for savings instead of ordering coupons online or printing them. I wanted to get her opinion on how couponing has changed over the years and where she can see the money saving coupon industry headed for consumers. In addition to the changes in coupon policies in response to abusing the system companies have also tightened their belts and the coupons they provide are rapidly declining in value.

With the introduction of coupon apps such as Checkout 51 and Snap Saves couponing has become much more convenient and accessible for the average shopper. Saving money through couponing is definitely becoming more of an uphill battle as the years pass.

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If you are familiar with the tricks of the trade and have weathered the storm of changes over the years it is still possible to save significantly on your grocery bill. If you are still a big fan of using coupons you still snag some great deals especially if you pair them with the coupon app savings. Discussion: What do you think about coupon apps and do you think paper coupons may disappear over time?

I get the mail out coupons still as I can get some nice deals there. Royale product with Gocoupons comes to mind there. Checkout 51 lets you save on the brands you love and on produce sometimes! Get new offers weekly, buy from any store in Canada excluding Quebec — for now , snap a photo of the receipt, and get cash back. Related: Checkout 51 — The Ultimate Guide. Similar to Checkout 51, SnapSaves is a Canadian cash back rebate app.

The Best Ever Money Saving Apps for Canadians

You can receive cash back for purchases you make each week. As you shop, you earn money, simply by taking a photo of your receipt and sending it in. One of the best things about SnapSaves is that they often have a handful of fresh produce rebates each week, such as savings on broccoli, bananas, watermelon, lettuse and more.

Another cash back rebate app for Canadians! Set up the same way as Checkout 51 and SnapSaves, use Zweet to save money on groceries — without any paper coupons to clip. Just like the others, you can earn cash back for grocery items you buy at any store in Canada!

Click the heart next to the stores that are your favourites, to make it much easier to find those flyers when you need them. The best thing about Flipp is their search feature.

The 7 Best Grocery Coupon Apps

This makes price matching incredibly simple! Find the best deals by comparison shopping with RedLaser, and also the best part , keep all of your loyalty cards in one place no more wallets stuffed full of store cards! Coupgon is the first ever digital coupon app for Canadians. Cassie Howard has taught many Canadians how to save money and live frugally — without sucking the fun out of life.

Cassie is currently a business coach for women entrepreneurs that want to grow a successful, service-based, online business, making six-figures or more. When is zero coming out for android?

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