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The use of ST, especially the newer forms, is considered to be less toxic than cigarettes and has been advocated as a harm reduction strategy. However, this has raised public health concerns because this approach may promote experimentation and initiation of ST use, nicotine dependence, progression to smoking, and long-term, concomitant use of cigarettes and ST [ 7 ]. While the harms of dual tobacco use are currently being debated, one widely held concern is that if smokers can comfortably substitute ST in situations where smoking is not permitted, they may be less likely to make a quit attempt.

This could hinder further reductions in smoking prevalence and tobacco cessation and negate any potential health benefit of using ST as a means of harm reduction [ 7 ]. The popularity of traditional smokeless tobacco has been limited because many smokers are displeased by the litter and unpleasantness of having to spit frequently. Consequently, in , R. While U. To overcome this objection, RJR has developed tobacco which simply dissolves in the mouth so that users do not have to contend with odor, smoke, spit, or litter.

These innovative products are branded as Camel Sticks, Camel Orbs and Camel Strips to denote their different forms: a toothpick-like stick, a lozenge and an edible strip [ 9 , 10 ]. Among these areas, Indiana boasts the highest tobacco use and currently stands as the U. RJR has stated that Camel dissolvable tobacco, which delivers 0.

However, it is unknown to which specific subgroups these products will be marketed or for whom they will have unintended appeal. While RJR contends that the products are neither marketed to nor attractive to youth, the candy-like appearance of these products and their ability to be used discretely may make them appealing to children and adolescents, potentially increasing youth tobacco use and accidental poisonings [ 13 - 16 ]. It has been shown that tobacco promotions are more effective at attracting new users than existing users, particularly in the under age group [ 17 ].

Moreover, the incidence of dual cigarette and smokeless tobacco use appears to be higher among adolescents. Patterns of snuff vs. Since these new dissolvable tobacco products are in direct contact with oral tissues, it is important to know what impact their use will have on oral and systemic health. While not harmless, newer smokeless tobacco products, including Swedish snus, have been shown to have considerably lower levels of carcinogens which may greatly reduce their health risks to users [ 19 , 20 ].

Research on one dissolvable tobacco product found that it delivered significantly less toxicants than cigarettes [ 21 ]. If the public perceives that dissolvable tobacco products are less harmful than smoking, it may enhance the social acceptability of smokeless tobacco use.

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In order to better understand the point-of- purchase marketing and promotions of RJR's Camel Dissolvables tobacco as well as public perceptions of the products and their advertisements, this exploratory study included both an audit of retail outlets in the Indiana test market, as well as pilot survey of central Indiana residents. The goals of the study were to 1 assess the availability, price and point of purchase promotional strategies for Camel Dissolvables tobacco and 2 determine the consumer awareness, interest and perception of these new products. The final sample of 81 retail stores included 23 gas stations However, not all audited cities had liquor stores and smoke shops in their downtown areas.

As a result of their relatively lower prevalence, liquor stores and smoke shops totals have been combined in summary analyses. Camel Dissolvables were usually placed behind the counter, and displayed in close proximity to other smokeless tobacco products; however, in some stores they were located near candy displays. In all of the stores that carried any of the new dissolvables, Camel Orbs were carried and available in both flavors "fresh" and "mellow".

These responses suggest RJR does not have a strong personal sell strategy inside retail stores. Instead, the company may be relying on in-store and out-of-store advertisements to generate product demand. In any individual store, all three forms of Camel dissolvables were identically priced. Promotional items were similar from store to store, and a wide variety of promotional display items were used including: point of purchase displays, hanging signs, window signs and shelf flags.

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Advertising messages varied, and the most common was simply "Dissolvable Tobacco". These trial packs were separate packages given out with another Camel purchase. The percentage of retail locations carrying the test marketed product varied with central Indiana county smoking rates. Although this finding suggests that counties with higher smoking rates have more stores that carry these new dissolvable tobacco products, this finding is correlational not causal.

However, it is likely that a product targeted to existing smokers would be more easily found in geographical locations where more smokers are present. Interest in these new tobacco forms was very low with a mean likelihood of trial at 1. Have you ever tried any of these products? Male likelihood of trial was 1. Current smokers were the most interested in trying at 2. There were no significant differences in awareness, trial, or interest in trying Camel Dissolvables among other respondent subgroups. In the AAU survey, respondents were also asked about their exposure to promotions for Camel Dissolvables in stores, by mail, at bars or in magazines.

More importantly, promotions experienced at point of purchase or in-person in bars resulted in higher likelihood of trying Camel Dissolvables.

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Thus promotions, especially in-person, appear to promote trial of new smokeless forms of tobacco [ 22 ]. The results of the ITS suggest that people generally perceived that all 6 ads targeted existing category users since all means were greater than 4. In the total sample, perceived targetedness and purchase likelihood were highest for the Crest with Scope ad. Perceived targetedness was lowest for the ESPN ad and all three tobacco ads. Purchase likelihood was lowest for the tobacco ads. I believe this ad was targeted to people like me.

This as was meant to appeal to people like me.

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There were no significant differences between smokers and non-smokers in ratings for the TicTac, ESPN or Crest with Scope ads for intended target in category users, perceived targetedness and purchase likelihood. However, for all three tobacco product ads, perceived targetedness for smokers was significantly higher than for non-smokers.

In addition, among smokers, purchase likelihood was also higher for Camel Snus and Camel Dissolvables. Intended target as category user was also higher among smokers for the Camel Snus ad. Thus, smokers perceived that they are targeted by all three tobacco ads. Non-smokers also perceived that smokers are targeted by ads for these new tobacco forms.

For decades, cigarette companies have spent millions of dollars per annum on ST research, consumer profiling, product development, and marketing [ 23 ]. In the face of greater smoking restrictions and declining cigarette sales, they have developed new cigarette-branded smokeless, spitless products in an effort to satisfy consumer preferences whilst attempting to expand their consumer base [ 23 ]. RJR's latest contribution to the smokeless tobacco market is a new line of dissolvable tobacco products: Camel Orbs, Strips and Sticks. As with other forms of tobacco which are usually purchased on an as-needed basis, this study found that the Camel Dissolvable tobacco products were most commonly sold at so-called "on-the-go" retailers - gas stations and convenience stores.

These products were often co-located with Camel cigarettes and other forms of tobacco, such as Camel Snus, thereby emphasizing recognition of their popular brand. Consumer advocacy groups and governmental agencies have expressed alarm that these new forms of smokeless tobacco may be confused with mints and candies [ 9 , 24 , 25 ]. Due to these concerns, and their expanded authority over tobacco regulation, the U. While the products were located behind the retail counter and sold in child-resistant packaging, their appearance and retail proximity to candy may enhance their risks to youth.

In addition, point-of-purchase tobacco promotions have been shown to increase acceptance of tobacco among youth and encourage tobacco use [ 27 , 28 ]. Similar to the initial marketing of snus [ 29 ], retailers reported that Camel Dissolvables did not move well without incentives such as discounts or coupons for a free container. In some cases, retail salespeople had been instructed to simply give the product away to get rid of it. However, while retailers generally described demand for the products as low, history has shown that such a response is not unusual following the introduction of a new tobacco product; with consumer feedback, further product improvements and effective marketing campaigns, product popularity and subsequently, sales, can increase over time [ 23 ].

In addition, the use of discount pricing strategies may further enhance trial and ultimately, longer-term use.

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One fourth of the retailers showcased more extensive in-store advertisements - three or more different ads with secondary locations in store windows or doors. The majority of ad messages simply announced the new product's availability "Dissolvable Tobacco" , while others emphasized price "Special Price" or consumer characteristics "What's Your Style? While RJR appears to be promotionally supporting its newest smokeless product offering, this support is not typical of mass marketed new product introductions.

Rather, promotions suggest a strategy targeted toward a select consumer audience, such as current smokers. In essence, RJR appears to be trying to capture more tobacco use instances per smoker or a dual use strategy of both smoking and smokeless tobacco. Currently, there is no consensus on the health impact of dual tobacco use patterns in existing smokers. Furthermore, the issue is complicated by the fact that varying definitions of dual use in the scientific literature have generated different prevalence estimates and risk profiles [ 30 ].

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Nonetheless, it has been suggested that dual tobacco use may discourage tobacco cessation, increase nicotine levels, and exposure to tobacco toxicants [ 7 ]. However, a recently published review of the scientific literature by tobacco industry researchers found no "unique health risks associated with dual use of smokeless tobacco products and cigarettes, which are not anticipated or observed from cigarette smoking alone" [ 31 ].

From studies of tobacco use trajectory data, these authors also concluded that compared to those who only smoke cigarettes, dual users are more likely to quit smoking [ 31 ]. However, their interpretation of the data has been questioned by others who contend that promotional strategies which support dual use encourage continued tobacco use in individuals who, in response to expanding smoke-free environments, would otherwise have quit [ 32 ].

Other studies concur. For example, a national survey of dual tobacco users found that most used ST in places where smoking was not permitted and most did not believe ST was a useful cessation aid. In addition, compared to exclusive cigarette smokers, fewer dual users reported planning to quit in the next 6 months and nearly half did not plan to quit smoking at all [ 33 ]. Inferences about the harm reduction potential of Camel Dissolvables may be made from how consumers perceive them. If the products' use becomes widespread, several outcomes are possible.

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