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Todd with Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons of Utah,. Specializing in high quality food and service, the Timbermine. List of Top Websites Like Dutchmanshideout. O Facebook I very themed restaurant with an almost Disney old mine shaft decor. Ogden, Utah. The Timbermine has been a family owned and operated fine dining restaurant for 30 years. Read More. Got chicken nachos, so yummy! The food is overpriced, they don't understand the concept of GF and the food lacks good taste.

You basically have choices and one of the choices are the enchiladas, but they are disgusting Even I can make better enchiladas than that and I'm a horrible cook. I have had great success eating here. They have a lot of choices and are well trained. I recommend it. Staff was friendly and the gf menu looked Ok. My daughter got the chicken strips and mashed potatoes , the waiter brought out the wrong plate with fries instead of mashed potatoes but he quickly noticed, and they put scooped COLD mashed potatoes on her plate.

Then she couldn't eat her chicken because it was flavor less and rubbery. Food was no good. That pretty much captures my visit in a nutshell. Iggy's goes out of its way to please tge GF customer. Varied selection available. There are lots of exclusive little shops, jewelry stores and art galleries making Trolley Square a fun treasure hunt. And if you happen to need a regular drugstore, there is the RiteAid at 72 South Main one block east of the conference and the Walmart at South and West.

This Walmart is easily accessible--just a half block west of the South stop on Trax. For restaurants, I thought I'd start with the places to grab a bite that are closest to the conference and the Family History Library. There is a great map of downtown, showing a list of restaurants and nightlife on a wider range, but let me tell you about the places closest to the conference.

If you are not to picky, and just don't want to walk anywhere, JB's is your place.

To the South, on Second south, is Toaster's Deli. With a wide assortment of sandwiches, soups and salads, this coffee shop is an award winning place to grab a bite and get back to the conference.

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To the East of the Salt Palace there are lots of other great options too. Common chain restaurants within a block are the Olive Garden at the South East corner of the Convention Center, and Benihanas across the street to the East. A new restaurant winning high awards called the Naked Fish Bistro where you can get reservations on the website. It is right across the street from the Salt Palace on the corner of 1st South.

I haven't tried it yet, but I've seen reviews all over the place. It is supposed to be fantastic Japanese cuisine. There are three favorites with the locals on the block between first and second south too. Siegfried's Delicatessen is one of my favorites from from my high school days and even though it has changed hands and changed locations it is still a great place to get authentic German food on Second South And Lamb's Grill , is like a step back in time and is a favorite for breakfast with locals, but really has great food all around.

Lambs is on the other side of the block on Main Street between first and second south. Then of course there is Blue Iguana with big plates of great Mexican food in a basement place down in the middle of the block. The hotels close by have some good restaurants too. The Hilton is a favorite place with Spencer's for Steaks and Chops. You can book reservations on their website and I highly recommend it. And the Radisson to the North of the Conference Center has the Copper Canyon Grill House , another great place where you can't go wrong with most anything on the menu.

The Roof is a fine restaurant on the tenth floor with sweeping views of Salt Lake and a large gourmet buffet.

Iggy's coupons utah

The Garden Restaurant is on the other side of the floor, but with a more casual setting and smaller prices. And the Nauvoo Cafe is on the main floor of the Joseph Smith Building with fabulous sandwiches and bread pudding to die for. Then the Lion House Pantry is your place for home style cooking with famous rolls and food that has inspired a popular line of cookbooks. So there you have it. There are plenty of great options right next to the conference center and the library. You don't even have to go very far. Ok, so reading this series on my blog, rather than the NGS blog isn't turning out to be that much different.

They said they wanted a more casual tone of voice over there too, and I said, "I'm good with that. One of the first things that is going to hit you in Salt Lake is the issue of transportation. Like any major city, there's good and bad for you there. Let me see if I can help. I won't hide the bad news from you. There is a major construction project going on right next to the Salt Palace Convention Center and the Family History Library right now.

It is going to be a fabulous addition to downtown Salt Lake, but right now its only contribution is orange cones and covered sidewalks. I don't get really frustrated with it though, because downtown Salt Lake is going to be so much more fabulous next time you come to visit with pedestrian malls, cafes, running streams and fountains and great shopping. You can see what they are planning at the City Creek Conceptual Tour video.

It's actually the ending part of a huge master plan most of which is now finished with many other beautiful projects. I'll tell you about some of those in the next posts. But the good news is that I've got lots of resources for you in traveling through Salt Lake and it really is an easy city to navigate. When the pioneers arrived, they mapped out Salt Lake from Temple Square in a perfect grid pattern that doesn't get messed up until you get out into the suburbs.

Then the streets are numbered as to whether they are north, south, east or west of Temple Square in a latitude and longitude fashion. My elementary school teacher taught me that early pioneer leader Brigham Young wanted to be able to turn around a wagon with a team of four oxen to be able to do a u-turn in the street without using too much profanity. I've mused over the years how really quite brilliant that was because modern downtown Salt Lake doesn't have the tiny streets and many one way alleys that most modern cities have.

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Most of the time there is plenty of room for the traffic. If you are coming to the airport and renting a car, you'll need a map from the airport to the Salt Palace. Salt Lake Valley has a fabulous traffic site called Commuter Link that has maps showing traffic and construction and even accidents, and has cameras throughout the valley where you can see the current traffic situations. You can always check there if you are traveling the freeways around the valley.

And then there's parking The best place to park for the conference is at the Salt Palace itself. That is the cheapest parking you'll find right by the Convention center. There is other nearby parking and the prices are reasonable. Or if you want to get a little walking in, here's a parking map that encompasses a larger section of downtown.

Or if you are staying further out in the valley from downtown, you can avoid parking all together and park along the Trax Light Rail Route. You can check the schedules if you want to, but I never do--they basically depart every 15 minutes.

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If you are already parked, and want to explore a little downtown, there is a Free Fare Zone on Trax, where you can just hop on and off without paying anything, to visit restaurants and shopping or whatever, without having to look for another parking place. And we'll get to the best of the restaurants and shopping coming up shortly If you are a bibliophile, or western history buff, or interested in any topic that has ever had a book written on it, you haven't lived until you've been to Sam Weller's Bookstore. This bookstore has one of the largest collections of used books west of the Mississippi with a large selection of nonfiction books about the West.

It boasts over 1 million volumes, all subjects—new, used, rare and is one of America's finest and largest bookstores. I can happily get lost in there for hours and hours. Last month, Sam Weller's announced that they would be changing locations. And to get ready for the move, they started a sale to thin their stock on March 16 th. I think perusing the shelves there is a must for NGS conference goers. Many of the restaurants on the list are award winning places to eat.

There are no coupons or punch cards, You can just ask for the Dine-o-round special. The website has links to each of the participating websites where you can check on menus and locations. I think the hard part is going to be picking which ones I want to go to. So get ready to take advantage of these two great opportunities while you are learning about how to become an expert genealogist. Consequently, I want to make sure you make the most of your visit. But I thought I'd put it here because I should probably keep a certain level of decorum over there. And you know how hard that is going to be for me.

Soooooo, it will probably be more fun to read here. To start with, let me give you some of the best websites for touristy information. If you are the type who wants to know every detail like I am sometimes , you'll want to get well acquainted with these sites. If you're busy packing and just want the highlights, like I am other times stay tuned and I'll make sure you know what you need to. My favorite site for the how to of visiting Salt Lake is the Downtown Alliance. This site is chock full of events, shopping, eating, news and etc organized well and correlated with maps and crucial information.

This website is especially useful if you are visiting the library because it focuses on downtown Salt Lake--the area right around the library and the Salt Palace Convention Center. The Salt Lake Visitor's Bureau has a great site too with shopping, activities and eating and etc but covers the whole valley Salt Lake and it's suburbs. So you'll easily be able to stop by there for directions and pamphlets and such. The Official Salt Lake City Government Site is a good site for all things Salt Lake, but the visitor's section of the site mainly points to other sites listed here.

Since you won't be paying your water bill, you can pretty much pass this one up. Unless you are going to be paying for a traffic ticket, in which case you'll want to keep this one in mind. If you are driving to the conference, you may want to take a look at the Utah State Office of Tourism website. It has wonderful resources on the other places you might want to stop off at on your way in or out of the state. Of course, if you are coming up from the South at all, you really need to take an extra day and visit some of the spectacular state parks that Utah is so proud of.

Likewise Go-Utah is a great site for trip planning throughout the state. Utah Travel Center is a conglomeration site with all sorts of information on Salt Lake City pulled from various sources. And Citysearch has user submited reviews on everything from shopping and resturaunts to bars and churches. So it's a useful one too. Take a look at those, and stay tuned as I take you through the ins and outs of traveling to Salt Lake City. Monday, April 5, Family ChArtist reviews and interviews.

It's been a funny month. We've launched Family ChArtist and while the reception has been great, we've been really surprised to see our custom chart sales spike. That has left us quite a bit busier in unexpected ways and all the plans we had for further information and marketing have gone out the window temporarily.

You can watch here for announcements about new graphics hopefully soon and then once we get through the BYU and NGS conferences this month we are planning a series of webinars that will help people get their creative juices flowing with this new tool too. We'll keep you informed.

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In the meantime though, we've been thrilled with all the attention it has gotten and the wonderful response we've seen from you. Thank you so much.

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Here are some of the great reviews and attention we've received. You can hear it here. It is always great to talk to Lisa. And she is a great interviewer. If you've never listened to her, you'll find a great new friend with tons of genealogy knowledge to share. And there is a coupon there for Family ChArtist too. We were also given the massive honor to be the first advertisement in Shades the magazine. Again, If you aren't already a fan, you should be. Best wishes for quick recovery to dear Footnote Maven. And, we've had some wonderful reviews that I've been slow to post. We're so thankful for all the attention the program has gotten, all of the great ideas people have shared for it and for all of the patience as we've worked the bugs out.

We had a few opening day glitches that are fixed now and we know things are working smoothly, but there are still features we want to add. There probably always will be. We were excited to be reviewed by the illustrious Tamura Jones. We were pleased to be one of his Mega reviews. Pages and pages :- As always, Tamura was exceedingly meticulous.