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Humalog Coupon Humalog Coupon View Larger Image. Humalog Kwik Pen U If you need financial assistance with the Humalog Kwik Pen, there are a few things to keep in mind: To be eligible for financial assistance, you must be an uninsured or underinsured American who is struggling to pay for the cost of their insulin.

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For changes in dose, your doctor may increase or decrease your level of insulin depending on how your body reacts to the medication. Variations in blood sugar — Different levels of blood sugar will always be displayed when you check the levels regularly.

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These variations are quite normal, as your blood sugar level depends on a variety of factors and not just one. Several factors, such as your individual diet, lifestyle, activity level, eating habits, other medications you may take, the amount of stress you are going through, and how long you sit per day can all influence your blood sugar levels. Diet may be the most important facet in all of these factors.

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How to Use Humalog Being a lightweight and a small-sized pen, it is pre-filled with mealtime insulin. Benefits of Humalog It is very easy to deliver the correct dose It is easy to see how the dose is being set up and delivered The pen and gauge is a marvel of modern technology Safety Precautions for Humalog Humalog should always be stored at room temperature, and should always be used within the first 28 days of use. Discard the pen therafter. Never change your insulin brand or dosage without first consulting your doctor or healthcare provider.

Never unseafely remove the insulin from the Humalog kwik pen and try to inject it directly.

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This can pose life-threatening issues. Side Effects of Humalog As with any medication, Humalog comes with a risk of adverse side effects. A few of the common side effects of Humalog may include: Low blood potassium levels. This can be diagnosed through the following symptoms: increased urination, increased thirst, muscle pain, muscle weakness, leg pain, leg discomfort, general confusion, and dry mouth.

It's important to Lilly Cares to make sure that those who can benefit from these medicines have access to them.

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Lilly Cares offers assistance to help people obtain the Lilly medicines they need. This site provides program details and resources.

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  4. The Lilly Cares Foundation is not affiliated with third parties who charge a fee for help with enrollment or medication refills. These third parties may reference Lilly Cares without permission. Coupons & Promo Codes - Jul.

    Patients are not required to use a third party who charges a fee to help with enrollment or medication refills. If you use a third party who charges a fee to help with your enrollment or refill of your medication, this money is not paid to The Lilly Cares Foundation. Finding a program that offers Lilly medicines for free to qualifying patients is easy with our Program Finder Tool.